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Build An initramfs

An initramfs is a kernel with an include filesystem that can be use directly from uboot with clunc. You can use miniroot or buildroot to build an initramfs.



Miniroot is intended to be a simple solution to build and/or develop a minimal system based on Linux and BusyBox. The system is “makefile-oriented” with few shell scripts. Its main goal is to be human readable.

How to

The project is available on git :

  git clone git://    

Customisations are done by writing your own (see doc/ directory).

The list of relevant variables can be found in headers of .mk files or in the main Makefile.



Buildroot is a set of Makefiles that makes it easy to generate a complete Linux system. Buildroot is a project quite bigger than miniroot but have higher capabilities.

How to

The project is available on :

Buildroot has a nice configuration tool similar to the one you can find in the Linux kernel. The configuration assistant can be run with :

   make menuconfig
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