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Lacie 2big Network v2

This page is relevant for the LaCie NAS 2Big Network v2. It is the direct successor of the 2big Network (orion-based).


  • CPU ARM926EJ-S (ARMv5TE) 1200MHz
  • SoC Kirkwood 88F6281_A0
  • SDRAM memory 256MB, DDR2 533MHz
  • SPI flash, NOR 512MB (MACRONIX MX25L4005CMI-12G)
  • Ethernet Gigabit port (PHY MARVELL 88E1116R)
  • 1 USB2 port, 1 connector host and 1 connector device
  • 2 SATA port and 1 SATA port multiplier x2 (JMicron JMB350 revA or revB)
  • 2 SATA and 1 eSATA connectors
  • I2C EEPROM, 512 bytes (24C04 type)
  • 1 bi-color (blue and red) front LED
  • 2 bi-color (blue and red) disk LEDs with CPLD SATA activity blink
  • Front push button
  • Rear power switch
  • Serial: undocumented TTL serial interface (3.3V)


An unreliable configuration is available here


U-Boot mainline support is on-going. For more informations, see our U-Boot for Kirkwood page.


The boards are almost fully supported mainline. For more informations, see our Linux for Kirkwood page.


LaCie System

This section describes the LaCie stock system.


  • Bootloader: TODO
  • Boot method: U-Boot image on disk
  • Kernel commandline: console=ttyS0,115200 root=/dev/sda7 ro reset=0 productType=PRO_KW

Operating system

  • Kernel: Linux
  • Coreutils: busybox
  • HTTP: lighttpd
  • FTP: ProFTPd
  • SMB: Samba (unix extensions disabled by default; to enable them, change the corresponding line in /snaps/00/etc/samba/smb.conf on sda9)
  • Bonjour: Avahi/Zeroconf
  • SSH: Openssh (disabled by default; to enable it, uncomment the corresponding line in /etc/initng/runlevel/default.runlevel on sda8 and change root password in /snaps/00/etc/shadow on sda9)
  • Rsync: disabled by default, to enable it define a new daemon in /etc/initng on sda9 to launch “/usr/bin/rsync –daemon” and add it to /etc/initng/runlevel/default.runlevel
  • Deep sleep mode: can be enabled from the web interface, but if ssh has been enabled it is simpler to call /sbin/smart_shutdown


  • sda1: extended, 2056 Mb
  • sda2: xfs, md raid0/raid1, user data, the remaining part of the disk
  • sda5: swap, md raid1, 263,18 Mb
  • sda6: Linux kernel U-Boot Image, 8,23 Mb
  • sda7: ext3, md raid1, minimal root partition, 8,23 Mb
  • sda8: ext3, md raid1, original firmware partition, 871,88 Mb
  • sda9: ext3, md raid1, snapshots/upgrades partition, 896,56 Mb
  • sda10: filled with zeroes (may be used for an alternate kernel), 8,23 Mb
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