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Lacie 2big Network

The 2big Network is a Linux-based NAS with a Marvell Board.


  • Board: MV-88fxx81
  • Cpu: Marvell Orion ARM926EJ 400 Mhz
  • RAM: 64 Mb DDR2
  • Network: 1×10/100/1000 Marvell Gigabit ethernet
  • USB: 2×2.0 ports
  • Storage: 2×500/1000 Gb SATA disks
  • LEDs: Frontal blue/red led, disk activity/functional led
  • Flash: 512 Kb MX29LV400CBTC-70G
  • Serial: undocumented TTL serial interface (3.3V)



  • Bootloader: U-Boot 1.1.1 (Jun 15 2007 - 08:56:23) Marvell version: 1.7.3 - LaCie version: 1.4.alpha_3
  • Boot method: U-Boot image on disk
  • Kernel commandline: console=ttyS0,115200 root=/dev/sda7 ro reset=0

Operating system

  • Kernel: linux-
  • Coreutils: busybox
  • FTP: ProFTPd
  • SMB: Samba
  • Bonjour: Avahi/Zeroconf


  • sda1: extended, 980 Mb
  • sda2: xfs, md linear/raid1, user data, the remaining part of the disk
  • sda5: swap, md raid1, 130 Mb
  • sda6: Linux kernel U-Boot Image, 8 Mb
  • sda7: ext3, md raid1, minimal root partition, 8 Mb
  • sda8: ext3, md raid1, original firmware partition, 130 Mb
  • sda9: ext3, md raid1, snapshots/upgrades partition, 696 Mb
  • sda10: filled with zeroes (may be used for an alternate kernel), 8 Mb

Mainline linux support

Mainline support was added in linux 2.6.32 and the default config file for Orion boards works. However, this board by default has a wrong arcNumber (526), that prevents a normal kernel from booting. A solution is to edit “mach-types” in the kernel source tree and change 2big network number to 526. Apart from that, there is full support for every hardware component, including LEDs.

Clunc support

This board works well with clunc; main LED will become red while clunc is active.

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