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Lacie 2big Network

The 2big Network v2 is a Linux-based NAS with a Marvell Board. It is the direct successor of the 2big Network (orion-based).


  • Board: TODO
  • Cpu: TODO
  • Network: 1×10/100/1000 Marvell Gigabit ethernet
  • USB: 2×2.0 ports, 1 host (to connect a mass storage device, an ups or a printer) and 1 gadget (to use the 2big as an usb hard drive)
  • Storage: 2×1000/1500/2000 Gb Seagate SATA disks
  • LEDs: Frontal blue/red led, disk activity/functional led
  • Flash: TODO
  • Serial: undocumented TTL serial interface (3.3V)



  • Bootloader: TODO
  • Boot method: U-Boot image on disk
  • Kernel commandline: console=ttyS0,115200 root=/dev/sda7 ro reset=0

Operating system

  • Kernel: TODO
  • Coreutils: busybox
  • HTTP: lighthttpd
  • FTP: ProFTPd
  • SMB: Samba (unix extensions disabled by default; to enable them, change the corresponding line in /snaps/00/etc/samba/smb.conf on sda9)
  • Bonjour: Avahi/Zeroconf
  • SSH: Openssh (disabled by default; to enable it, uncomment the corresponding line in /etc/initng/runlevel/default.runlevel on sda8 and change root password in /etc/shadow)


  • sda1: extended, 2056 Mb
  • sda2: xfs, md raid0/raid1, user data, the remaining part of the disk
  • sda5: swap, md raid1, 263,18 Mb
  • sda6: Linux kernel U-Boot Image, 8,23 Mb
  • sda7: ext3, md raid1, minimal root partition, 8,23 Mb
  • sda8: ext3, md raid1, original firmware partition, 871,88 Mb
  • sda9: ext3, md raid1, snapshots/upgrades partition, 896,56 Mb
  • sda10: filled with zeroes (may be used for an alternate kernel), 8,23 Mb

Mainline linux support

Mainline support is currently being worked on.

Clunc support

This board works well with clunc; main LED will become red while clunc is active.

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