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   * 4x programmable address windows   * 4x programmable address windows
   * SDRAM and PCIe interface access   * SDRAM and PCIe interface access
-=== Default Address Map === +=== Default Address Map (p.41) === 
-|DRAM CS0|256MB|%%0x00000000 - 0x0FFFFFFF%%+^Desc ^Size ^Base ^End ^Num ^State ^ 
-|DRAM CS1|256MB|0x10000000 - 0x1FFFFFFF+|SDRAM CS0|256MB|0x0000 0000|0x0FFF FFFF| | 
-|DRAM CS2|256MB|0x20000000 - 0x2FFFFFFF+|SDRAM CS1|256MB|0x1000 0000|0x1FFF FFFF| | 
-|DRAM CS3|256MB|0x30000000 - 0x3FFFFFFF+|SDRAM CS2|256MB|0x2000 0000|0x2FFF FFFF| | 
-|reserved| |0x40000000 - 0x7FFFFFFF+|SDRAM CS3|256MB|0x3000 0000|0x3FFF FFFF| | 
-|PCIe Memory|512MB|0x80000000 - 0x9FFFFFFF| +|reserved| |0x4000 0000|0x7FFF FFFF| | 
-|reserved| |0xA0000000 0xBFFFFFFF+|PCIe Memory|512MB|0x8000 0000|0x9FFF FFFF| | | 
-|PCIe I/O|64KB|0xC0000000 - 0xC000FFFF| +|PCIe-1 Memory|512MB|0xA000 0000|0xBFFF FFFF|(reserved)|6282 guess
-|reserved| |0xC0010000 0xC001FFFF+|PCIe I/O|64KB|0xC000 0000|0xC000 FFFF| | | 
-|reserved| |0xC0020000 - 0xC800FFFF+|PCIe-1 I/O|64KB|0xC001 0000|0xC001 FFFF|(reserved)|6282 guess
-|Security SRAM|64KB (2KB)|0xC8010000 - 0xC801FFFF+|reserved| |0xC002 0000|0xC800 FFFF| | 
-|reserved| |%%0xC8020000 - 0xCFFFFFFF%%+|Security SRAM|64KB (2KB)|0xC801 0000|0xC801 FFFF| | 
-|Internal Registers|1MB|0xD0000000 - 0xD00FFFFF+|reserved| |0xC802 0000|0xCFFF FFFF| | 
-|reserved| |0xD0100000 - 0xD7FFFFFF+|Internal Registers|1MB|0xD000 0000|0xD00F FFFF| | 
-|NAND Flash|128MB|0xD8000000 - 0xDFFFFFFF+|reserved| |0xD010 0000|0xD7FF FFFF| | 
-|reserved| |0xE0000000 - 0xE7FFFFFF+|NAND Flash|128MB|0xD800 0000|0xDFFF FFFF| | 
-|SPI Flash|128MB|0xE8000000 - 0xEFFFFFFF+|reserved| |0xE000 0000|0xE7FF FFFF| | 
-|BootROM|128MB|0xF0000000 - 0xF7FFFFFF+|SPI Flash|128MB|0xE800 0000|0xEFFF FFFF| | 
-|Boot device|128MB|%%0xF8000000 - 0xFFFFFFFF%%|+|BootROM|128MB|0xF000 0000|0xF7FF FFFF| | 
 +|Boot device|128MB|0xF800 0000|0xFFFF FFFF| | | 
 +=== LaCie Configured Address Map (mvSysHwConfig.h) === 
 +^Desc ^Size ^Base ^Notes ^Num ^State ^ 
 +|SDRAM CS0|256MB|0x00000000| | |dis| 
 +|SDRAM CS1|256MB|0x10000000| | |dis| 
 +|SDRAM CS2|256MB|0x20000000| | |dis| 
 +|SDRAM CS3|256MB|0x30000000| | |dis| 
 +|PEX0 MEM|128M|0x90000000| |0|en| 
 +|PEX1 MEM|128M|0x98000000|6282 only|1|en| 
 +|PEX0 I/O|16M|0xF0000000| |2|en| 
 +|INTER REGS|1M?|0xF1000000| |8|en| 
 +|PEX1 I/O|16M|0xF2000000|6282 only|3|en| 
 +|DEVICE CS2|1M|0xF4000000|Boot ROM|9|dis| 
 +|DEVICE CS1|16M|0xF8000000|SPI|5|en| 
 +|DEVICE CS0|8M|0xF9000000|NAND|4|en| 
 +|CRYPT ENG|64K|0xFB000000| |7|en| 
 +|DEVICE CS3|16M|0xFF000000|Boot device|0xA|dis| 
 +Wish I found this earlier (kirkwood/cpu.c): Linux expects the internal registers to be at 0xF1000000 
 +Internal registers base address is set in register offset 0x20080 (arch-kirkwood/kirkwood.h): i.e. 0xF1020080 = 0xF1000000
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